Choose the corresponding automatic apparel equipment according to your actual demands of automation production lines

JYL-B6050-XJ             Automatic Elastic Band Cutting&Joining Robot Sewing Machine
JYL-430D                    Computerized Electronic Bartack Sewing Machine

JYL-6090                     Sneaker Sewing Machine For Bar Tack Stitching
JYL-M3020-MTS         Automated Hook and Loop Tape Sewing Machine
JYL-M3020-QPM        Automatic Fat Baseball Cap Flat Visor sewing Machine

JYL-G3020G-TD         Automatic Feeding and Cutting Straps Sewing Machine
JYL-SZPF-01              Automatic Cap Panel Patchwork Sewing Machine
JYL-G6-1                     Automatic Button Clothing Machine
JYL-B430-XY              Double-Station Eyelet Sewing Machine      
JYL-B430-CFXY         Perforation & Sewing Cap Hole Machine

JYL-G3020G-TD        Computerized Automatic Feeding and Cutting Straps Sewing Machine