Product Parameters

Type No. JYL-TD3020 automatic pocket setting machine
Sewing area 300*200mm
Max sewing speed 2800r.p.m
Stitch 0.05-20.0mm
Max amounts of stitches 20000
Data storage USB memory
Pressure foot lifting 30mm
Work holder method Penumatic
Pressure foot lift stroke 15mm
Motor 750W direct-drive servo motor
Applicable needle DP*17

Product Application

1. Quick, easy and precise pattern editing.
2. Automatic sewing.
3. Computer editing patterns.
4. Various tensions of multi-segments adjustment.
5. CE certification.
6. Broken thread detection.
7. Quick eject clamp device(Optional).
8. Barcode scanner (optional).

Main Features of pocket cutter machine

1) Geared up with digital speed-adjustment motor as well as openly to change the sewing rate according to the thickness of the strings and also products to make the stitch even and attractive.

2) Appropriate for sewing total products and piece products.

3). The feeding mechanism of the XY axis adopts feedback type digital circuit, the stitch length can reach to 3.0 mm when sewing in broadband with 2800r. p.m.

4).7.5 inch LCD, It operates quickly as well as the thread trace is also as well as beautiful.

5). Offered to stitch the pockets with any kind of shapes, such as round, square, bent, uneven pocket;

6). The sewing process for back bag made use of in various fields, such as denim, recreation trousers, uniforms, work clothing, etc with automatic cutting gadget;

7). Automatic sewing, automatic feeding, automatic rewinding

8). Collaborate with warm bags machines, someone per day( 8 hours) can end up 2000 pcs back pockets( 1000 pair of trousers).