JYL Button Attaching Sewing Machine with Automatic Button Feeder Device

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JYL-G6-01 Automatic Clothing Button Machine

JYL Button Attaching Sewing Machine with Automatic Button Feeder Device, Button Attaching Sewing Machine with Automatic Button Feeder Device

JYL Automatic Button Feeder Machine can match all types of JUKI, BROTHER Button Sewing Machines,  and can also match existing machines that garment factories are already using, saving money and eliminating the need to purchase new button sewing machines.

To achieve high speed up to 2700sti/min, a high speed tangent is used to further improve production efficiency. The clip can be sent to the pinch button without the need for a skilled operator thanks to the unique levels forced buckle mechanism. Furthermore, an operator only needs to place the fabric in the designated location, step on the foot pedal, and reduce fatigue. The operation panel allows you to set a variety of functions simply by turning the control knob. Furthermore, the flashing of the corresponding fault alarm lights allows for quick troubleshooting.

(1)Other similar products on the market now require manual movement of the entire feeding machine to adjust and align the button attaching machine with different size of buttons position, but JYL unique adjusting platform only requires rotating two screws, very easily and conveniently to adjust and align correct position, saving time and improving working efficiency significantly.

(2)Nowadays, all similar products on the market use an air cylinder to feed the buttons. After a long time of use, the air cylinder frays, resulting in incorrect feeding buttons, a short life of use, wasting money, instability, and so on. JYL automatic feeding machine used intelligent motor feeding system, feeding buttons with 100% accuracy and correctness, feeding way softly, no noise, and long life use.

(3)Nowadays, similar products on the market all use an air pressure, unstably pressing buttons system to press buttons. JYL uses a unique intelligent stepping motor system and both-way press buttons to increase the system’s stability.

(4)JYL Adopts an automatic system; if the buttons are different sizes, simply press one button and place one button into the thickness measurement plate with ease. Similar machines on the market all operated this system manually, wasting time and making operation inconvenient.

(5)Nowadays, similar products on the market all use an ARM system, have a low processor running speed, a high failure rate, and the connection lines and connection modes in the system board are extremely complicated. JYL uses a newly developed PCL integration system, a high effective running speed of the processor, a low failure rate, and simple after-sales service repair.

(6) More than 7 different fault self-checking systems; when a fault occurs, the fault and solution are displayed immediately on the LED touch screen. Maintenance is completed quickly, saving the engineer time. Currently, no products on the market have this unique function. Our engineering team created a needle protection system for button attaching sewing machines; if the needle breaks, the button sewing machine and button feeder machine will automatically stop working.

Special features include a variety of models that support: simple installation on all types of button sewing machines without changing the sewing table.

Convenient: auto sizing chute with free thickness, regardless of button size. Accurate positioning: efficient computer use, stepping motor and servo motor control, more stable and accurate positioning

Fault self-diagnosis function: rapid troubleshooting with the corresponding fault alarm system. Counting system: improve work efficiency by using a counting system. Simple to use: there is no need for a skilled operator, and it is also simple to learn and use.