High Speed Automatic Elastic Band Machine for Large Capacity

We are not able to sure who is the best automatic banding machine in the world, but you can determine who is the fastest automatic banding machine. JYL’s JYL-B6050-XJ automatic rubber banding machine can’t be more appropriate to use the word “fast” to describe it. How fast is it? Please watch the video demonstration.

Olympic sprinters have to work pretty hard to improve their running speed by 0.1 seconds. The working speed of the machine is not a reason, and it is not easy to increase the working speed of the machine by 0.1 seconds after approaching the limit.

best sewing machine with automatic needle threader

JYL Automatic Elastic Band Cutting&Joining Robot Sewing Machine

JYL made a bold attempt, and simply increased the working speed of the automatic elastic band machine by about 1 second with subversive thinking. After a rough calculation, compared with the general automatic elastic machine on the market, it can work for 8 hours, but this machine can do 1.5 hours more work.

Advanced electric drive

The most fundamental reason for this is that it is very different from the design ideas of all automatic rubber banding machines on the market. JYL’s design idea is to increase the feeding speed and speed up the overall sewing speed through the combination of pneumatic and electric drive, so as to achieve the purpose of high output. When the machine head finishes sewing the sewing material, the next sewing material is ready and in a waiting state. After receiving the signal that the previous sewing material has been completed, the feeding device can deliver the sewing material to the fastest speed. The machine head is used for sewing, and the feeding device and the machine head can be seamlessly connected. All the functions of the whole machine are designed around one problem, which is to make the machine sew a little faster and a little faster.

Automatic over-connection function

Friends who are familiar with automatic rubber splicing machine products should know that similar products are just the opposite of this machine from JYL. Generally, the pneumatic drive method is used. After the machine head sews the sewing material, the feeding device will only go to the machine after receiving the signal. Prepare the next piece of sewing material. At this time, the head is in a waiting state and no sewing work is performed. It is slow in this link.

Advanced device alignment

At present, there is an automatic rubber banding machine on the market that can sew a feeding device with two heads at the same time. The output in 8 hours is about 7000 elastics. This single-head machine of JYL can do about 6000 elastics. Yield and cost-effectiveness are self-evident.

logo positioning function

The standard for measuring a good sewing equipment is very simple. It depends on whether the equipment can simply and rudely improve the sewing efficiency. It is a good machine that can do this. Judging from the performance of this machine from JYL, it really did.

sewing machine with automatic thread cutter

How to sew elastic with a sewing machine?

Recognized by more customers

In order to make the best automatic rubber band machine, JYL has never stopped working hard!
The Chinese New Year is coming soon. I believe that many users will make some summaries of their work and life in the previous year. We are also thinking about whether our work has satisfied you and whether it has met our requirements.

In the past year, in addition to automation innovation, we have made some progress and achievements in product research and development, market sales, after-sales service, and expansion of production scale. Of course, where things are not good enough, we will continue to work hard to improve them in 2021. Let’s see the report below~

Both “soft and hard” are prepared, intelligent and reliable

1. Upgrade the program 3 times

Upgrade single cut function

Upgrade the machine head anti-strike double strip return function

Perfect program Lifting and pressing wheel button press can prevent cutter action function

2. Added 2 new functions

Return inspection

Adjustable lifting and pressing wheel to prevent cutter action and feeding start and end speed

3. A new generation of through shaft transmission:

light sewing, durable, and high speed
The new generation adopts through shaft transmission

The maximum speed reaches 3000 rpm, and the working speed is increased to 2700 rpm.

fully automatic sewing machine

High-quality service, more convenient online and offline, online professional service team, 100% customer satisfaction.

A number of national “invention patents”, won the “high-tech enterprise certificate” and more than 20 utility model patents.

In 2021, JYL automatic rubber banding machine will continue to be used in automatic sewing equipment

Through independent research and development, production and manufacturing, we develop more efficient products for users.

Thanks to the support and trust of the JYL family, let us continue to create a smart future together in 2021.