JYL-A5-2 Industrial Computerized Automatic Hole Punching Sewing Machine For Leather Shoes Bag Upper Punching


Leather punching machines are mainly divided into mechanical leather punching machines, computerized CNC leather punching machines and small Handle leather punching machines.

The computerized CNC leather punching machine and machine tools are made of integral castings, which are stable and rigid. The transmission mechanism adopts imported lead screws, and the nuts are flexible and precise. CNC Leather Punching Machines feature flexible tool control that can rotate or not rotate as needed. The self-developed processing software can switch the angle of the tool at will, and various special tools can process various patterns on the leather.

JYL-A5-2 Industrial Computerized Automatic two Head Punching Sewing Machine

This CNC leather punching machine is a seamless integration of software technology and CNC technology. CNC technology is one of the core contents of advanced manufacturing technology, and it is developing in the direction of enlightenment, networking, flexibility and intelligence.


Features and functions of CNC leather punching machine:

1. The CNC leather punching machine works automatically after you starting it up, and automatically returns to its original position after processing. It’s really high work efficiency, safety and reliability;

2. A pair of molds can punch a variety of customized designed patterns, and can be simulated by computer to imitate punching;

3. It can punch patterns on a small area of the fabric, which is flexible and convenient;

4. It can be used for complex small pattern punching, which solves the difficult problem of small pattern mold manufacturing.

5. In order to improve production efficiency, JYL computerized CNC leather punching machine adopts two sets of linkage equipment to divide a table into two work areas to work at the same time. The standard configuration of the processing table is 1280×790 mm, which can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

6. CNC leather punching machine is suitable for punching holes on all kinds of leather, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, cloth, paper, shoe materials, car seat cushions and other medium thickness materials.

7. Punching pattern and punching radius: 0.8-8 mm

8. The quality of punching hole is good, without damaging, burning, yellowing and blackening material. The CNC leather punching machine adopt pneumatic impact force as the driving force, and adopts various different beautiful shapes of tools. The surface of the leather still be smooth after processing punching. Compared with the laser machine punching machine, there is no coke and blackening phenomenon.

9. The design and change of the hairstyle pattern is realized by software and punching needle change, without changing the mechanical mold.

10. Power requirements:

Power frequency: ac 50-60hz

Power voltage: 220-240v

11. The machine have to have reliable ground safety measures..

12. Air supply requirements: CNC leather punching machine is a pneumatic working equipment, and the pressure requirement during the construction period is 6-8 kgs. An air compressor needs to be configured, and the air compressor needs to be drained in time or regularly.

13. Punches of the automatic punch cutter machine: according to customers’ products’ requirement, the quantity of the punches of the holes punching machine is usually customized, like 44 hole punch machine, 19 hole punch machine and so on.

leather hole punching machine

Application scope of CNC leather punching machine:

This leather punching machine is suitable for punching leather, cow-skin, artificial leather, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, all kinds of cloth, paper, leather accessories, shoe uppers, trims, curtains, car leather chairs, etc. And they are widely used in auto parts (breathable cushion), luggage and handbags, stationery, shoes, breathable materials, advertising paper products and other industries. CNC leather punching machine is also known as power press punching machine, leather punching hole machine, shoe upper punching machine, shoe material punching machine, car seat punching machine, plastic hole punch machine, computer leather punching machine, automatic leather punching machine, intelligent leather punching machine, etc.

Guangdong Jin Yue Lai Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd have more than 20 years experiences of manufacturing industrial automatic machines, and the computerized CNC leather punching machine is one of our main automatic machines. With professional R&D team, advanced production lines, experienced technicians, JYL machine is aiming to be the best automatic solution for your production line chain to provide strong guarantee for product development and production.