JYL-B6050-XJR Industrial Automatic Feeding Cutting and Joining Elastic Band Sewing Machine

Product Specification

Item No. JYL-B6050-XJ  Automated Elastic Waistband Sewing Machine
External Presser Foot Lifting Electrical
Working Area: 60×50 mm
Maximum sewing speed 3000r.p.m
Stitch : 0.05-12 mm
Maximun no.of stitches: 20000 stitches/pattern
Work holder method: Pneumatic
Medium presser height: 15mm
Motor: 750W Direct-drive Servo Motor
Applicable needle: DPx512-14#
Power supply: 2500W+PLC
Operation type: 7.5” Dahao touch screen+PLC
Size: 1300×1250×1500 mm
Supply voltage 220Vx1500 mm
Air Pressure 0.5 Mpa 1.8L/min
Stored program 1~999 patterns
Capacity 8-13 pcs/Min
Net weight 170 KG

Product Description:

High-speed automated single completion of cutting, splicing, automatic feeding, to attain high efficiency.
1 Imported SMC servo motor as well as air cylindrical tube makes functioning quick and also affordable, long service life.
2 Through various shade to placing single logo, multi-logos and also dimension.
3 The pushing tool likewise adopts SMC component, which can readjust the position of front and rear at will to enhance the accuracy and the level of smoothness of the elastic band.
4 When the joint experiences the sensor, can minimize the moment of hand-operated adjustment of rubber band.

Popular Elastic Size 1/4 inch elastic for sewing
1/8 inch elastic for sewing
2 inch elastic for sewing
3 inch elastic for sewing
4 inch elastic for sewing