JYL-G3020G-TD Computerized Automatic Feeding and Cutting Straps Sewing Machine for Adjustable Strap Webbing

Product Specification

Motor 750w Direct-drive Servo Motor
Model JYL-M3020-TD automated Strap sewing machine
Maximum stitches 20000 stitches  per pattern
Sewing Area L:80-200 mm,  W:160-220 mm
Max Sewing Speed 2700 rpm
Stitch 0.05-12 mm
Pressing foot method Pneumatic
Applicable needle DPx17 , DPx5
Supply Voltage AC 220V Single Phase
Product Size 1080*1200*1550 mm

Product Application

1. Quick, easy and precise pattern editing.
2. Automatic sewing.
3. Computer editing patterns.
4. Various tensions of multi-segments adjustment.
5. CE certification.
6. Broken thread detection.
7. Quick eject clamp device(Optional).
8. Barcode scanner (optional).


Main Features of Automatic Strap Sewing Machine

1)The touch screen panel makes it easy to operate this machine;

2), automatic stopping when there are no more materials available or you want it too – great for making sure that your work area stays clean and organized! ;

3).This beautiful sewing device has so many amazing features including counting calories while cooking which is perfect if like me, every now again find yourself with an excess of food at the end result.

What are the benefits of a fully automatic strapping machine?

Automatic strapping machines provide a number of benefits over traditional methods of strapping. They are easy to operate, and the machine will automatically feed and cut the strap, as well as adjust its length and width. The stitch is also much neater with a strapping machine, which means the strap is less likely to come loose over time.