How To Make A Pocket Square With A Sewing Machine

JYL-M3520G-JG High Speed Industrial automatic pocket cutting Machine for Pocket Laser Cutting Entrance Guard Cutting

Product Specification

Model No. JYLM3520GJG
Working Area X=350mm,Y=200mm
Sewing Speed 2700rpm
Maximum Stitches8000 stitches pattern
Stitches Length 0.05-20.00mm
Laser Cutting Range 260*200mm
Work holder method Pneumatic
Extemal Presser Foot Lifting 32MM
Power Supply 220-210V single phase 110-120V/380-415V
Application Needle DP*17#18
Motor 75oW Direct Drive Servo Motor
Hook Double rotaryhook
automatic pocket setting machine

Product Description

  • Reduce reliance on skilled workers, novices will learn as soon as they learn.
  • Improve efficiency, and the manual efficiency of ordinary computer flat cars is low.
  • Suitable for all kinds of knitted, woven, denim and stretch fabrics.
  • Infrared automatic alignment, no need to paint, save labor, the samples made are all the same standard.
  • New design of structure, more efficient, more stable.
  • Computer control, easy to learn.New design of transmission parts
  • Advanced lubrication, long-term maintenance of zero wear
  • High quality gear, high wear-resisting and withstand high temperatures.
  • High quality shuttle carrier
  • Stable, lower fault rates.
automatic pocket setting machine

2. Loop Chain Sewing Machine :

Year of manufacture: approx. 1800
Manufacturer: Balthasar Krems, Germany Balthasar Krems handcrafts German pointed hats, red monk hats for a living. Inspired by everyday work, invent these machines. Some functions are still used by such machines to this day. Krems’ most important invention was the needle at the exit point. (replica)

pocket cutter machine

3. Application

This automatic pocket sewing machine is suitable used for Pocket Laser Cutting, Entrance Guard Cutting.