JYL-07-D Espadrilles Flats Jute Sole and Shoes Upper Stitching Sewing Machine

This China Jute Sole Espadrille Shoes Sewing Machine is suitable used for moccasin ornamental decorative seams sewing on Espadrille Shoes, Espadrille Sandals, Jute Soles, Sneakers, Jute Sole Moccasins, Sole and Shoes Uppers, Footwear, Side Moccasin Stitching, Shoes Upper Ornamental Stitches, Shoes Upper with Jute Sole Stitching, Casual Shoes, Leisure Espadrilles, Canvas Shoes, Cotton Fabric Shoes, Slippers, Wedges, etc..

Product Specification:

Power supply: 220v/550w
The highest sewing speed: 400 revolutions per minute
Stitch length: 10mm Needle:DD×1
Pattern change: single needle 100 species, 100 kinds of double needle
Presser foot lift configurations: automatically
Presser foot hoisting height: 12mm
Weight: 180-180kg
Dimension: L110*W80*H35cm


Product Features:

  1. Suitable for fashion bags, leisure bags, handbags, bags, such as pattern sewing, sewing and assemblies can be used in the original
  2. Equipped with adjustable speed machine, can according to sew the thickness of a work-piece, sewing thick sewing speed adjusted, make sewing stitch is very uniform and beautiful.
  3. Through more replacement needle fine model, the machine can sew stitches so at home and abroad, makes the machine used more extensive.
  4. Machine by full computer control, there are more than 200 kinds of memory pattern, through the button, multi-usage.
  5. Each moving parts are all of the machines adopt imported bearing, stable quality, durable.
  6. because this machine is servo motor control, operating more simple, technical requirements of workers is not high, suitable for many factories use.