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Wide Range of Applications

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The Invention of the Sewing Machine,An Alternative History-JYL A5-2 CNC two working stations Punching holes Machine

'Alternative history' is rather popular at present with authors trying to rewrite the documented history of events.


Goodbye 2018, welcome 2019, the new year, JinYueLai to join hands…

The Pinking Machine-TH-G2516SM-Computerized pattern sewing machine

"Pinking" is the name given to producing scalloped or zig-zag edges to cloth for decorative purposes or to prevent fraying...
sewing machine

How a Sewing Machine Forms Stitches-TH-G6080-Computerized pattern sewing machine

Sewing machines are of two classes - those for domestic use, usually driven by treadle or hand, and machines of special construction, driven by power...

Sewing Machine Attachment Tins-TH-G5050-Computerized Pattern Sewing Machine

Many collectors of sewing machines also collect other items associated with sewing machines – oil cans, oil bottles, Singer puzzle boxes or sometimes almost anything connected with Singer...

The Sewing Machine Factory-TH-G2010-Computerized Pattern Sewing Machine

Although sewing machines from the earliest makers have survived, I have come across little pictorial evidence of the factories in which they were made...
Computerized pattern sewing machine

Slave Girls in the sewing-machine industry(Part2)-TH-G2516-Computerized pattern sewing machine

Sure enough, there was the poor girl sitting in the dirty place, her head resting against a folded apron...
computerized pattern sewing machine

Slave Girls in the sewing-machine industry(Part1)-TH-G3020-Computerized pattern sewing machine

Under the heading "city slave girls" the Times ran for several weeks a series of stories which were said to make its reader...