The Development Mode Of Automatic Sewing Machine Are Networking And Intelligence

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With the recovery of the economic, the apparel industry has ushered in a new opportunities of industry development again. So that a higher requirements have also been put forward for the domestic sewing industry, specially more attention should be paid to the integration and adjustment, technological progress and industry innovation. And the improvement of sewing efficiency has been one of the important topics that garment enterprises continue to pursue, and this demand even more urgent for industrial sewing machines.

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Several stages of improving sewing efficiency of sewing machines

Specialization stage:

Most of the early sewing machines used linear sewing as the main form. Due to the variety of sewing, the production process of a sewing product needs to be completed by multiple different processes. If there are only straight line sewing is applied for all the sewing processes, it will get a reslut that labor intensity of operators increases and the production efficiency is low . In view of this, the development and use of equipment for each process has brought good results to the improvement of production efficiency and labor saving.

Improvement stage:

So that, the sewing machine can improve the sewing efficiency when the running speed is increased. After years of hard work on the sewing machine, the sewing speed has developed from low speed to medium speed, and then to high speed and ultra-high speed, which sewing speed is roughly 7000- 10,000 rpm now.

Mechanics stage:

The above-mentioned specialization and speed-up, all of which belong to the improvement of mechanical technology. As far as the all in one electromechanical sewing machine be concerned, the mechatronics means that the execution parts of the stitching machine like thorn cloth, thread take-up, hook thread and feeding parts, still use the original mechanical mechanism, while the control part will uses electronic or microcomputer systems. The general distinction is that the control system with programming and CPU processing is called microcomputer control or computer control system, and the control system without programming and CPU processing are called electronic control system. And the electronic control technology is relatively simple. From the breadth of the control content, it can be divided into two categories: stand-alone computer control and sewing unit (sewing combination) computer control. The latter is more intelligent and has a higher degree of automation.

Network intelligent stage:

After the mechatronics stage, there is a computer control unit, which lays the foundation for the realization of network intelligence. Some sewing machine manufacturers have developed USB interfaces that can accept data from smart cards, memory sticks, and SD cards. However, due to the different control circuits of different types of sewing machines, it will take some time to unify the pattern input format.

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Features of networked intelligent sewing machine

Compared with distributed sewing mode, the advantages of networked intelligent sewing are:

1. Change the traditional decentralized production mode to an intensive production mode.

It can reasonably configure various sewing machines and improve production efficiency.

2. High degree of automation and intelligence.

The production mode of networked Auto sewing machine has changed the production mode of single machine. By hanging various sewing machines on the network, the patterns can be selected to be produced when it’s need at any time. And the operation is simple, you just need to send the pattern to the autoamtic stitching machine to produce. According to user needs, the sewing patterns can be distributed remotely.

3. The product quality is improved, and the pattern-making methods are diversified, which is conducive to the increasingly sophisticated pattern-making technology. And professional pattern-making software is used instead of the pattern-making device that comes with the stitching machine. Using professional software to make patterns does not require manual labor.

4. Rational use of sewing machines to realize diversified production modes of sewing machines.

A factory can have multiple types of sewing equipments. Different sewing machines have different pattern formats. Different manufacturers’ sewing machines have different demand of pattern formats. But now, the more popular sewing machines have similar control circuits. The networked and intelligent sewing mode can success to convert sewing patterns for producing the same type of patterns on different types of sewing machines.

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Networking & Intelligent is the inevitable trend of sewing technology development

With the development of network technology and the advancement of technology, many electronic products have realized network intelligence, and sewing machines are no exception. It’s an inevitable trend of the development of network intelligence machines for sewing equipment.

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