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JYL have 20 years’ experience in making industrial automatic machines like pattern sewing machine, leather punching machine, nails attaching machine for shoes, handbag, belts, etc.

The Manufacturing Process of baseball-cap

How to producing a Baseball cap?

How To Manufacturing A Baseball Cap? Background of Baseball Cap Baseball caps are a comfortable cap that has a soft , breathable crown that is made from

Baseball cap manufacturing process

Baseball cap manufacturing process

Baseball Cap Manufacturing Process Introduction The process of manufacturing a baseball cap starts with cutting the fabric, stiching it, embellishing it and then steaming. Components

high head sewing machine for hat patch

Post Bed Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Post Bed Sewing Machine Buying Guide The most sought-after sewing machines used for clothing and footwear manufacture is the post-bed machine, that has a vertical

Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance

Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE MAINTENANCE TIPS Introduction As a professional seamstress, it’s important to keep your machine in good shape. You can always count on your