2020 New Product 20K Ultrasonic welding machine transducer

Product Introduce: Ultrasonic transducer is the core component of ultrasonic welding, mainly used to convert electrical energy in to mechanical energy (ultrasonic). Adopt high – end piezoelectric ceramic to ensure strong and stable ultrasonic output.The ultrasonic frequency is mainly 20kHz, which can be provided with the lug and tool head according to the customer’s requirements. It is driven by the advanced digital ultrasonic generator TCR, TCR is based on IGBT full bridge phase shift technology, designed and developed by the seismic wave products, integrated automatic frequency tracking, constant amplitude output, amplitude 10-100% adjustable, remote control and other functions, for users to obtain accurate resonance frequency and energy output escort. During the working process, TCR will automatically adjust the working frequency according to the working conditions of the load, so that the whole ultrasonic system will always work in the optimal state.

Main Function: 1.Automatic frequency tracking and impedance change technology to ensure the generator to work in the best frequency point. 2.Constant amplitude output. 3.The amplitude is adjustable from 10 to 100%, and the amplitude can be adjusted flexibly according to the actual demand. 4.For different welding applications, the generator provides three welding modes of external control, time and energy. 5.The assembly of industrial-grade hd LCD display screen is convenient for users to monitor the working status. 6.Automatic protection function, such as over temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, etc.

Application: This ultrasonic welding system can be applied to non-woven fabric bag welding, paper cup sealing, multi-layer bag making machine, medical cloth making machine, plastic welding machine, plastic bag making machine and mask welding machine.