Automatic Clothing Button Machine


JYL-G6-01 Automatic Button Wrapping Machine

Product Appllication

This machine is applicable for attaching two holes, four holes or shank buttons on all kinds of shirts, overcoats, work uniforms etc.


Product Description

1. Just put the fabric in, press the switch, the device automatically completes the buckle.

2. Calculated according to 8 hours per day, the production volume is 20000-30000.

3. Wrapped buttons, the shape is exactly the same.

4. The upper button is automatically supplied by the device supplier.

5. Air pressure alarm {Alarm function activate when air pressure lower than 0.4 pa)


Product Features

  • Automatic fastening upper and bottom buckle.
  • Automatic feeding automatic receiving material and improve efficiency.
  • Bottom buckle offset correction.

Product Parameter

Automatic Clothing Button Clothing Machine

Product Name Botton Wrapping Machine
Model JYL- G6-01
Motor Stepping Motor
Operation Type PLC Touch Panel
Controlling mode PLC
Supply voltage 220V 50Hz
Operating Speed 30-40 PCS/MIN
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa,1.8L/min
Power supply 3000W
Net Weight 140KG
Product Size 800x750x1200mm


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