automatic herringbone rotary sewing machine 


JYL-XZR4530 Herringbone Rotary Sewing Machine

Product Description

This Automatic Industrial Rotary Head Sewing Machine is suitable for shoes/luggage/Handbag/other leather similar products.

Product Description

  1. Suitable for thick materials and inter layers products.
  2. With the 360 degree rotary machine head,machine make perfect stitches as manual stitching.
  3. Pressing foot can be lifted automatically by motor, to keep stable stitches on overlapped materials.
  4. High powered as 1 KW AC servo motor,to meet multiply stitching and thick materials.

Product Specification

Model JYL-XZR4530
Presser lifting height 25mm
Pressure foot lift method Automatic
Sewing area 450*300mm
Maximum sewing speed 2500prm
Stitch length 43.2mm
Shuttle style Full rotation 3x shutte
Air pressure 0.5MPa 1.8L/min
Supply voltage AC220V Single phase
Application Needle DP*17
Machine Size 2150*1460*1630mm
Weigh 1200KG

What advantages of Automatic sewing machine?

Automatic sewing systems are designed to save producing time and money.  They increase speed and efficiency for production.  And Automatic machine can reduce errors and waste.   They do not need breaks and even can work on time every time.  Our Fully automated sewing machine & Industrial sewing equipment is suitable for heavy duty sewing, thick leather sewing, upholstery sewing, and sewing perforation.


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