Automatic Patchwork Sewing Machine


JYL-SZPF-01 Automatic Industrial  for Baseball Cap Upper

Product Application

This Two-needle Lock-stitch Patchwork Sewing Machine is suitable for sewing various material products, especially for hats, shoes, bags.


Product Features

  1. Automatic detection Joint automatic counting.
  2. Automatic feeding cutting needle setting, cutting, automatic stop.
  3. Computer editing patterns.
  4. Measure the length of the ribbon, cut it off, fold and sew it.

Product Parameters

Model No. JYL-SZPF-01
Seam Width Tunable
Sewing Speed 3000rpm
Maximum Stitches 30000 stitches/pattern
Stitches Length 0.05-10.00mm
Machine Size 1000*700*1100mm
Work holder method  Electromagnet
Applicable Needle  DP*5 12-16#
Supply Voltage AC 220V single phase
Weight 75KG
Motor  550W Direct Drive
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa,1.8L/min


Free Introduction of product

Today I would like to share you a Automatic sewing machine: caps two-needles patchwork sewing machine, it’s a stitching cutting machine. It’s a great sewing helper for hat factory.
The machine adopts a direct-drive motor, and it has detection joint function and counting function. It can stop the material breaking Automatically. It not only can achieve automatic feeding, material cutting,  set the needle , and ribbon length measurement, but also multiple fold to sew. JYL-SZPF-01 hat stitching machine is a one all in one automatic sewing machine?  Besides, it have a sweet design parts for the sewing machine, it’s a Automatic receiving plate. It can greatly improve the productivity and save the producing time and labor cost. The machine can make a good stitching pattern to ensure the good quality whatever the material are leather or fabric.
We are strict for controlling quality. You deserve the best patchwork sewing machine. What is one all in one sewing machine price? Welcome to inbox me if you want to know more about the industrial automatic sewing machines.  Let’s go to find our top 10 sewing machine!


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