Button attaching machine


 JYL-DK-02 Button attaching machine

Product Application

This button attaching machine is available  used for shoes, bags, belts, jeans and suitcases, sofa furniture etc industry.

Product Features

  1. Suitable for buttons attaching of caps and clothing.
  2. Automatic start and stop for the vibration plate, and automatic butt detection.
  3. Automatic detect fece botton and bottom button device to avoid empty button attaching.
  4. PLC control, automatic counting, laser body lamp alignment.
  5. Full automatically feeder, when the material thickness become thicker, it automatically turns to the pressure strength.
  6. Stable performance,Precise positioning,High efficiency.

Product Specification

Product Parameter
Machine No.  JYL-DK-02
Noice <70DB
Weight of whole machine 170 KG
Working Speed 20-35 PCS/MIN
Strock 90 mm
Nails size Round 5-20 mm
Voltage 200V
Product Size 600x400x1250mm



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