JYL-IC004 Four-Molds Automatic Baseball Cap Ironing Machine with Internally Boiler and Air condition

Four-Molds Cap Ironing Machine

Product Feature:

 1. Internally boiler and air-condition,cold and hot combination ,easy to operate ,prevent the deformation of elastic washing cap,in order to achieve the best finalizing effect.

2. Steam time and temperature can be adjusted according to the type of fabric.

3. Mould attached special silicone layer, keeping the same shape quickly finalized in 0.5 second,which is suitable for mass-production.

4. Can provided custom designed,and the cold pressing can be changed into hot ironing.

Product Specification

Four Molds Automatic Baseball Cap Cold And Hot Ironing Machine
Common baseball cap
Electrical spec.
220V 50/60HZ
Power Consumption
7 kw
Air Pressure
4-6 kg/cm2
Plywood case with stell pallet

Product Application

JYL-IC004 is a hat making machine which have a single Steamer head. It is used for blocking and ironing hats by same shaped steamer mould, which have designed installation and removal easily to meet the production needs

How to express a baseball cap /bucket hat?

Put the baseball upper on the stainless cap mold and place down the tool cover to heat it up with some water. The water steam should permeate the outside and inside. Soon your cap will be heated soft and warm, then you can re-start reshaping it again when it’s cool again.