Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine


JYL-YT-02 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

Product Application

This Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine is widely used for protective suit seaming. Also can be used in Nylon> PVC, ribber, 3-layers doth, raincoat, tent and other product.

Main Features

  1. Independent automatic temperature control: Accuracy of+20°C.
  2. Quick heating by hot wind and hot plate.
  3. Air pressure alarm.


Product Parameters

Machine No. JYL-YT-02
Total Power 500W
Supply Voltage 220V5Q/60HZ
Air Pressure 0.6Mpal.8L/min
Power of Heating 800W
Working Range of Upper Wheel 18-30mm
Speed 55-60m/min
Size 800x500x1630mm
Weight 125KG



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