Double Needle Sewing Machine

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JYL-07-A Double needle  sewing machine design for bag shoe upper in mark thread thick polyine stitching with beautiful track

Product description

1.It is suitable for the pattern sewing of fashion bags,leisure bags,handbags,luggage ect.
2.It operates easily and the thread trace is even and beautiful.


Products Features

1.It is equipped with the machine which can adjust the speed of the sewing,thus it can arbitrarily adjust the sewing speed according to the thickness of the work piece and the stitch we would like to seam to the work piece to make the
sewing stitch very uniform and beautiful.

2.It can sew all kinds of thread/stitch at home and abroad by replacing the fine model of th eneedle.

3.It is controlled by computer completely and can sew more than two hundred kinds of pattern through the button to make it multi-use.

4.All rotating parts of the machine is adopted the imported bearing, whiche makes the machine stable in quality and durable in use.

5.As it is controlled by servor motor,it operates easily and no high requirements on technical to the workers which makes it suitable for many factories to use


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