Auto Nailing Stud Attached Machine

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JYL-A1 Energy-Saving Four Claws Industrial Computerized Automatic Nailing Stud Attached Machine for Shoes/ Handbags/ Belts

Product description

1.Suitable for 2~10mm diameter round nails and square four claw nails in 4~10mm.
2.Working speed,fixed strength,brightness can be adjusted
3.Easy operable. safe use and convenient adjustment.
4.The machine programming can be achieved by computer with a special software supplied along with the machine or by importing dxf files created by other softwares.
5.Full automatically feeder, when the material thickness become thicker, it automatically turns to the pressure strength.
6.Stable performance,Precise positioning,High efficiency

Product Application

JYL A1 pattern stud attaching machine are widely used for shoe shoes, bags and suitcases, sofa furniture, etc.


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