Leather Punching and Sewing Machine

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JYL-CF10060 Rotary Head Punching and Sewing Machine for Leather Car seat/Sofa/Luggage

Application of sewing machine for Industrial sewing machine is suitable for sewing  jeans packet products.

Product Description

Suitable for car seats/furniture /luggage/other similar application
Main Features
-Rotary head machine ,beautiful stitching .
-Punching and sewing can be done at one time . Can punch three different holes as per pattern .
-Max punching speed is 800 holes/min; max sewing speed is 2200 stitches/min
-Adopt 750w direct servo motor , supply strong power for punching and sewing ;
-Middle pressure foot programmable control
-Can set the corresponding height of middle pressure foot according to the materials thickness . Effectively prevent skipping needle and thread breakage.
– Pressure foot height data can be saved in the system , no need to adjust it in next stitching


Product Specification

Parameter :
Model :  JYL-CF10060
Presser lifting height: 25mm
Pressure foot lift method : Automatic
Sewing area : 1000*600mm
Maximum sewing speed : 2500prm
Stitch length : 43.2mm
Fuel filling : automatic
Automatic trimming :  Yes
Emergency stop :  Yes
Motor: AC 750W Direct Drive
Rotating shuttle style : Triple Rotary Hook
Application Needle : DP*17
Machine Size : 2650*1850*1700mm


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