Computer Pattern Sewing Machine


JYL-B2210G Computerized pattern machine

Product Application

This programmed automatic Pattern Sewing Machine is used for patterns sewing on sport shoes, leather shoes, handbags, other leather goods, etc;

Products Features

  1. Suitable for applications such as men’s /women’s/denim/ knitwer/underwear/bags/shoes.
  2. Strong data compatibility can greatly reduce the duplication of patterns input.
  3. The invention is provided with a quick clamp device.

Product Description

Item No, JYL-B2210G
Sewing Area  220x100mm
Maximum Sewing Speed 2800r.p.m
Sewing Trace Single Needle Flat Seam
Feeding Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive)
Stitches  length  0.05mm-12.7mm
Maximum stitches 20000stitches per pattern
Stored Stitches Built-in memory can store 500000 stitches
Foot driving method S-pulse motor drive
Pressing foot height 25-30mm
Heihgt of big presser foot Maximum 30mm
Air pressure 0.5MPa 1.8L/min
Supply voltage AC 220V
Media With sound alarm device
Intermittent pressure lift 22mm
Stored programs 1-999patterns
Machine Size 1200×820×1230MM
Weight 150KG


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