Double needle sewing machine


JYL-B3020G-SZ Double needle sewing machine

Product Application

Automatic Programmable Computerized Sewing Machine for Suitable for jeans and other similar products with Lock-stitch.


Main Features

  1. The new sewing equipment can sew two-color lines at the same time.
  2. Unique appearance design , mechanical body structure,direct drive motor,start/sewing/stop quickly and stably, high speed.
  3. The stitches are beautiful,no skilled operators are required and the labor cost.
  4. Efficient and beautiful stitching improve the quality ,it is the preferred model for the shoe webbing.

Product specification

Item No, JYL-B3020G-SZ
Sewing Area 300x200mm
Maximum Sewing Speed 2500r.p.m
Sewing Trace Single Needle Flat Seam
Feeding Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive)
Stitches  length  0.05mm-12.7mm
Maximum stitches 20000stitches per pattern
Stored Stitches Built-in memory can store 500000 stitches
Foot driving method S-pulse motor drive
Pressing foot height 25-30mm
Heihgt of big presser foot Maximum 30mm
Air pressure 0.5MPa 1.8L/min
Supply voltage AC 220V
Media With sound alarm device
Intermittent pressure lift 22mm
Stored programs 1-999patterns
Machine Size 1200×1200×1240MM
Weight 180KG


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