JYL-G5020LC Heavy Duty Automatic Sewing Machine For Shoulder

Production Description

  1. Heavy duty machine model is mainly used for producing reinforcement stitch (and bar tacking )in the manufacturing of safety production equipment made from nylons ,webbing polyester ,vinyl , kevlar ,canvas ,leather and many more .
  2. Machine can also be used for producing sewing pattern on any other heavy duty thick materials .It can be easily programmed via the large control panel to create a pattern according to the shape ,and size of the application .
  3. Large shuttle hook and bobbin reduces frequent changing of bobbin, it is suitable for sewing extra heavy-weight materials
  4. Suitable for various thick materials: nylon, webbing polyester, vinyl, kevlar, canvas, leather, etc..
  5. Stronger puncture force. Easy to operate and high efficiency

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