Free Rotation Shoes Sewing Machine

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JYL-XZ6030 Automatic Single Needle Free Rotation Sewing Machine for making shoes

Product Description
  1. With the derect 750W servo motor ,keep strong power when machine sewing .
  2. With strong sewing power at beginning or thread trimming even the speed is at 200 rpm .
  3. This electronic programmable pattern sewing machine is suitable for large area sewing,  such as bags, furnitures, shoes and various leather products.
  4. Double times rotary hook
  5. E-tension devices ,setting the tension strength
  6. Double push road and make more stable stitching quality
  7. Machine appearance in unique design.
Product Description
Model: JYL-XZ6030
Brand Name: JYL
Working Area: 600*300 mm
Presser Lifting Height: 25 mm
Stitch length: 43.2mm
Needle Type: Dp*17
Motor Power: 550W
Stitch Length: 0.05-13 mm
Motor: Servo  motor
Maxinmum sewing speed: 2500 r.p.m
Product Features

1. With the rotary machine head,sewing machine head is free rotation.

2.Thanks to the free rotation,sewing machine head,the stitches are neat and beautiful just the same as the hand made sewing.

3.15 inch operation panel,its clear Chinese-English man-machine interface,intelligent fault protection,alarm,fault information display

4.Presser foot high can be adjustable base on material thickness.Meet different stitching needs for customer.

5.USB Ports for ease of storage the dates,support large storage.

6.High powered of 1KW AC servo motor,high performance and stable operation.


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