Shoes Weaving Tape Sewing Machine


JYL-1510XD High efficient Flat Seam Industrial Automatic Sewing Machine For Shoes Weaving Tape

Product Application

This Shoes webbing sewing machine is suitable for shoes tongue /cloth labels /webbing /weaving tape /other similar products .

Product Main Features

1)7.5 inch LCD, easy to operate;
2) Compared with traditional sewing ,there is no need for skilled workers.,which save the labor cost ;
3) Sewing cloth labels ,webbing two in one , automatic feeding ,automatic folding . automatic sewing function . It will take only 4 seconds to sew one webbing ;
4) Efficient and beautiful stitching . The preferred model for the shoe webbing;
5) Cutting and sewing can be at one time.

Product Description

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Automatic computerized sewing machine for shoe upper

JYL- 1510XD
Brand Name
  Shuttle Hook
Presser Lifting Height
17 mm
  1150*1150*1360  mm
Motor Power
750 W
Sewing Speed
2700 rpm (max)
Working Area
220 mm*100 mm


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