UItrasonic Seaming Machine

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JYL-FH-01 UItrasonic Seaming Machine

Product Application

This Ultrasonic seaming machine is available used for sewing the apparel like yoga clothes, cushion.

Product Feature

  1. Can cut single straight line and curve line,edge is welded to make no burrs.
  2. Air pressure alarm (Alarm function activate when air pressure lower than 0.4 pa)
  3. Ultrasonic wave penetrates the material layer to weld without heat radiation, and heat is not transferred to the materials during continuous stitching which is particularly beneficial for packaging of thermal sensitive materials.
  4. High precision without speed and angle difference, avoiding stretching distortion or deformation on fabric.


Product Specification

Machine No. JYL-FH-01
Power 1500W (1200W, 35K)
Air Pressure 0.6Mpal.8L/min
Power of Heating Ultrasonic
Supply Voltage 220V
Seaming Method PLC
Weight 120KG
Size 800x500x1150mm


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