Talk About The Development Of Automatic Sewing Machines

From the perspective of the development history of sewing machines, people have always hoped to invent powerful sewing machines to replace ordinary sewing machines, which can free people from heavy labor and solving the actual contradiction of labor tension. From the perspective of the development trend of sewing machines, there are two types of development trend for sewing machines. There are several trends: one is fully automatic sewing equipment, the another is semi-automatic sewing equipment. And from the actual usage effect, fully automatic sewing machines are not as good as semi-automatic sewing machines in the fierce market competition. From the theoretical point of view, the higher the degree of automation of sewing machine equipment, the simpler the operation, the more popular it should be.

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However, the result in reality is that the technological requirements of the garment industry are ever-changing. Not only is the cost of a fully automatic sewing machine too high, but its scope of application is often limited by the garment craftsmanship, and its advantages cannot be maximized.

On the other hand, semi-automatic sewing machines have strong adaptability to clothing manufacturing technology and relatively low cost which is within the range that users can afford. Therefore, they have been generally welcomed by clothing companies and other customers in recent years.

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Features of automatic sewing machine

As we all know, the sewing machine can automatically complete the sewing process by placing the sewing material in a suitable position and pressing the start button. After the sewing process is completed, the automatic sewing machine trims the thread and stacks the sewing materials neatly in turn through the material receiving system. If it goes further, the cycle feeding of the equipment can also be completed automatically.

Usually, one operator can operate 2 to 3 sets of fully automatic sewing machines. The characteristics of the automatic sewing machine are: the staff puts the fabric in place, presses the start button, the machine automatically controls the fabric, and folds the sewn products in turn after sewing and trimming. One whole sewing procedure can complete a more complicated sewing process. The sewing machine automatically picking up the fabric, it can sense whether there is fabric or not, and automatically place and complete sewing a finished product; some machines also have a circulating feeding system.

In addition, the machine itself of the fully automatic sewing machine has strong pertinence, high production efficiency and good sewing quality. Such as: bag opening sewing in one machine, bag sticking sewing machine, etc.

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Features of semi-automatic sewing machine

The operator puts the sewing material near the sewing position, and automatically starts by stepping on the start button of the semi-automatic sewing machine or through the induction device to complete the sewing process with manual assistance. After the sewing process is completed, the semi-automatic sewing machine trims the thread and manually receives the material.

In general, one operator can operate one semi-automatic sewing machine. According to the author’s summary, the characteristics of the semi-automatic sewing machine are: the semi-automatic sewing machine requires the operator to place the sewing material near the sewing position; the entire sewing process is completed with manual assistance; it has automatic thread trimming and other devices.

Semi-automatic sewing machines also have the advantages of high production efficiency and good sewing quality, such as automatic overlock sewing machines, automatic pattern machines, etc.

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Six advantages of semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines:

Compared with ordinary sewing machines, the advantages of semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines are:

1. It can perform some functions that ordinary sewing machines cannot.

For example: automatic needle stop position, automatic stitch technology, automatic bar tack, automatic embroidery, automatic color changing thread, slow start, mirror transformation, pattern zoom, pattern rotation, setting another starting point for sewing, function display and other functions.

2. High degree of automation and intelligence

Semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines can automatically perform the set sewing work after detection and feedback according to changes in conditions during the sewing process. Such as: laser or infrared garment piece positioning, automatic hemming, automatic adjustment of thread tension for thick and thin sewing materials, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic stitching, automatic presser foot lift, man-machine dialogue user programming, sewing Process fact tracking, etc.

3. Expanded the application range of sewing machines

Automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines can simplify the work that is difficult to complete with ordinary sewing machines, and can complete multiple processes with one machine.

4. Reduce the application of mechanical parts

Since the semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines are controlled by computers, all the movements that need to be implemented by mechanical mechanisms are replaced by motors, reducing a large number of mechanical parts. Movement and structure are simplified.

5. Effortless operation

Due to the high degree of automation, semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines can reduce the difficulty of operation. Just press the “start key” or the pedal to work, even fully automatic.

6. High quality sewing

Since the whole process is completed by electronic control, the stitches of semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines are exactly the same, with good consistency and high quality.

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Automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines are technology trends

There are two major difficulties in automatic sewing machines:

First, pick up the slippery and soft knitted fabric piece by piece and put it on the needle drop point; second, it is difficult to adjust the variety of fabrics, changing the process requires changing the way of placing the fabric, which requires high technology and high cost .

The semi-automatic stitching machine improves the above two difficulties of the automatic machine. With the help of the operator’s auxiliary operation, the placement of the sewing material is completed, and the most important thing is that the production cost can be greatly reduced.

Because of its high technical content and complex control system, automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines require large investment in research and development and relatively high prices. Batch production also depends on the cooperation of the social electronics industry and the provision of suitable components. In addition, the lack of technical talents engaged in mechatronics in the industry, especially the lack of compound talents who are familiar with sewing machine technology and master microelectronics technology, has become an unfavorable factor for the development of automatic and semi-automatic sewing machine projects.

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However, from the perspective of cost performance, automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines have been gradually recognized by the market due to their inherent advantages of multiple functions, good performance and high production efficiency. There is no doubt that automatic and semi-automatic sewing machines will be an inevitable trend in the development of my country’s sewing machine industry technology.

It is suggested that in the research and development of automatic and semi-automatic sewing equipment in China, we must learn from the successful experience and failure of developed countries, and combine the development trend of sewing machines in the world, and take China’s own semi-automatic and automation sewing equipment development road.

Therefore, aiming at the difficulties encountered by the current sewing production enterprises, it is necessary to adopt a new development plan for the development of the motivation. And according to the actual needs of the market, try to identify the problem, so that it can be reflected and solved in the future technology development.