JYL machine Exhibitions

The seventeenth China (Qingdao) International Sewing equipment exhibition, which is currently the largest sewing equipment products in North China, the product of the exhibition will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition center. As China’s current smart template sewing machine preferred brand JINYUELAI, will bring the high-end smart template sewing machine, JINYUELAI unveiled the show.
This session of the exhibition scale, and even the Qingdao International Exhibition Center, the four largest exhibition hall, the exhibition area of nearly 5000 square, a joint domestic and foreign more than 1000 sewing equipment manufacturers and agents to participate in common. JINYUELAI sewing machine as a high-tech enterprises, with the first-class products and technology advantages and excellent product quality with the industry’s most advanced intelligent template sewing machine exhibition.
The exhibition will show a JINYUELAI clothing production automation tool –JINYUELAI template sewing machine. JINYUELAI automatic template sewing machine, for today’s recruitment difficulties, labor costs are high and sewing process of complex requirements, break through the traditional concept of the research. The most advanced computer control technology into the sewing machine, advanced design concept, functional excellence, subversion of traditional craft, make traditional sewing process gets a revolutionary update! JINYUELAI as an independent research and development company, will continue to innovate, with more high-tech automation products to serve the industry customers.
Then welcome industry friends to visit the sea of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center booth tasting Kawada series of high-end products, Kawada Chino template of sewing machine.