Detailed Explanation Of The Malfunction Of Sewing Machine Operation

Machine head of JYL MACHINE

1. The machine head rotates stagnantly.

Reason: wrong lubricating oil, especially vegetable oil. There is too much dirt in the shuttle bed, and the connecting rod screws and taper screws are too tight.

Method: After flushing with kerosene, refill the sewing machine oil. Clean the shuttle bed and loosen the screws to ensure a certain clearance.

2. When sending and rotating, the half circle is stagnant, the half circle is smooth or there is a stagnation point for each circle. When the thread head of the inner wheel of the shuttle bed is running, it is not only stagnant for half a circle, but also accompanied by violent shaking and noise.

Reason: The position of the feed dog is too high or dirt accumulates in the gap between the teeth, so that the feed dog collides with the needle plate when it rises.

Method: Clean the shuttle bed and add a little sewing machine oil. Clean or lower the feed dogs. Replace or straighten the needle bar.

3. The machine head is stuck and cannot move.

Reason: The position of the feed dog is too forward or too backward, and the needle plate is touched. The needle bar is installed too high, and the needle clamps against the casing.

Method: Adjust the position of the feed dog, re-align the needle, and adjust the height of the needle bar.

4. The noise comes from the needle mechanism.

Reason: The needle bar, needle bar sleeve, small connecting rod, etc. are worn and loosened too much. Small connecting rod screw Needle bar crank screw loose.

Method: replace with new parts and tighten.

5. The noise comes from the feeding mechanism.

Reason: The large pointed conical screw is worn or loose, the feed dog touches the needle plate, and the stitch length adjusting mechanism is loose.

Method: Grind or readjust or tighten screws.

6. The noise comes from the shuttle mechanism.

Reason: The wear of the shuttle and the shuttle bed causes a large gap, and the gap between the shuttle and the shuttle holder is too large, resulting in an impact.

Method: Adjust or replace with new parts.

7. General noise.

Reason: The upper shaft, lower shaft and shaft sleeve are worn, causing the upper and lower shafts to move, and the machine is short of oil.

Method: Replace new parts, or adjust the clearance between the upper and lower shaft planes, pay attention to maintenance, and refuel on time.

The faults in the operation of the automatic sewing machine can be big or small. If the machine is not running properly and it is not dealt with in time, it is likely to cause more and more serious wear and tear of the machine. Therefore, we must pay attention to all the details in the operation of the sewing machine, so that we can find it early deal with!

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