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Whole Set of Sewing Equipment for Building Automation Production Lines

Punching Sewing Eyelet Machine
Eyelet Sewing Machine
baseball cap Sewing Machine
Cap Visor Sewing Machine
Button attaching machine
Button Pressing Machine
Shoes tongue loop sewing machine
Shoes Loop Sewing Machine
Rotary head Sewing Machine
Button Fabric Covering Machine

Guangdong Jin Yue Lai Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

JYL Machine have 20+ years' experience in industrial automatic sewing machines for production lines of shoes, handbag, belts, car seats, sofa and so on.

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We have 53 patents on invention, appearance patents and have achieved ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certification for our industrial automatic machines.

20+ years

JYL is a manufacturer with 20 years experiences in Industrial automation sewing equipment.

1 year warrenty

We offer 1 year’s guarantee for our jeans sewing machine, leather punching machine, hat making machine and so on.

Sewing machine factory
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Guangdong Jin Yue Lai Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd (“JYL” for short) is a manufacturer of computerized pattern sewing machines with more than decade’s experiences , which is located in Dongguan City Guangdong Province China. With professional R&D team, advanced production lines, experienced technicians, JYL integrate the supply chain to provide strong guarantee for product development and production.
Based on industrial pattern sewing machine technology, JYL continues to lead the technical development trend of the industry. In the field of sewing technology, JYL pioneered cylindrical sewing machines in China, and obtained 70% market share of the baseball caps sewing industry.

JYL machines are widely used in hats, shoes, handbags, jeans industries, helping our customers to produce high efficient automatic production lines.

Helping customers to promote automation production line is the next key development direction of JYL, welcome elites from related industries to participate in discussion and cooperation.

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Dealing with customers in the right way is the key to any successful business. We are aming to be your most reliable sewing solution partner always.

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