automatic punching machine

Automatic Punching Equipment Categories

JYL automated Leather Punching Machine offer a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize the efficiency and precision of leather punching processes. This innovative machine revolutionizes leather goods manufacturing by seamlessly integrating with your factory’s existing automatic sewing and punching equipment.

JYL-6080CK automatic digital leather punching machines


Digital Leather Punching Machine

JYL-6090 two head Automaitc punching machine


Two Head Automaitc Punching Machine

JYL-XZ6090 two ROTARY head LEATHER punching machine


Two Rotary Head Leather Punching Machine

JYL-XZ6050 Double Rotary Head Leather Punching Machine


Automatic Double Rotary Head Leather Punching Machine

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We specialise in making the automatic sewing machine to automation production lines. In fact, we’re the obtained 70% market share of the baseball caps sewing industry in China. And we cooperate with many sports brands' factories all around world.

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