JYL-B430-XY Industrial Automatic Eyelet Machine for Caps Hats Holes Embroidery

Main Features

1 ) 7.5 inch LCD Touch screen panel ,easy to operate;
2 ) Use direct drive servo motor, stable speed and efficiency ;

3) Single pressure plate control mode;
4) Electronic winding function; Two feeding methods (thimble positioning and center feeding)

Product Specification

Model JYL-B430-XY
Working Area: 40mm*30mm
Maximum sewing speed 2700rpm
Stitch : 0.05-12mm
Maximun no.of stitches: 20000stitches/pattern
Work holder method: Penumatic
Medium presser height: 15mm
Motor: 750W Direct-drive servo motor
Applicable needle: DPx17    DPx5
Power supply: 220-240V
Operation type: 7.5”LCD Touch panel
Size: 1100*900*1110mm

Product  Introduction

Eyelet setting machine is an usual use rivet equipment, in order to allow customers a lot more comprehensive understanding concerning its work principle. The adhering to provides you an analysis:
Functioning principle behind corn machines are similar with those found within eyeleting procedure– they utilize motors (cyndrical tubes) as well as Moment forces which create high speeds influence pressure bumps on buttons surface areas leading up from their respective bases borders when struck by something stable like metal barbs affixed at both ends; these then make contact inside out where Flowering occurs due largely because shorter sizes require much less strength needed for infiltration.

Guangdong Jin Yue Lai Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

JYL is a manufacturer of computerized pattern sewing machines that have been producing high quality products for over two decades. They are located in the Guangdong province, China and they continue to lead technical developments with their cylindrical machines which were pioneering at first sight because it allowed them 70% share within baseball caps industry alone!