JYL-B430-XY Industrial Fully Automatic Eyelet Setting Machine for Hats Bags Jeans Holes Embroidery

Product Description

Fully automatic eyelet machine  is suitable for eyelets sewing and bartack for caps/hats  industry, clothing, luggage,  embroidered eyelets, jujube and other similar products.

Main Features

1 ) 7.5 inch LCD Touch screen panel ,easy to operate;
2 ) Use direct drive servo motor, stable speed and efficiency ;

3) Single pressure plate control mode;
4) Electronic winding function; Two feeding methods (thimble positioning and center feeding)

Product Specification

Model JYL-B430-XY
Working Area: 40mm*30mm
Maximum sewing speed 2700rpm
Stitch : 0.05-12mm
Maximun no.of stitches: 20000stitches/pattern
Work holder method: Penumatic
Medium presser height: 15mm
Motor: 750W Direct-drive servo motor
Applicable needle: DPx17    DPx5
Power supply: 220-240V
Operation type: 7.5”LCD Touch panel
Size: 1100*900*1110mm


Company  Introduction

JYL, a manufacturer of computerized pattern sewing machines with more than 20 years experiences based in Dongguan City Guangdong province China has been leading the technical development trend within its industry since they first introduced cylindrical machine technology that created 70% market share for baseball caps production. The company’s experience assisting customers to produce high quality products through automatic and efficient lines makes them one step ahead on competition who can’t keep up by investing heavily into research only promising results but no guarantee whether these new developments will actually work or not without putting too much pressure onto already stressed employees causing mental strain which leads back again stress.