Automatic Shoes Tongue Belt Loop Attaching Sewing Machine

Shoes tongue loop sewing machine

JYL-B1510G-XS  Automatic Shoelace Loop Attaching Sewing Machine

Machine Features: Touch screen panel, Button Panesl and Oil-free Needle Bar, Clean Sewing, Simple Operation, Easy & Accurate Positioning, Unique Upper Thread Catch Device, New Pulling Thread-Slacking Device (National Patent).

JYL-B1510G-XS Shoe tongue webbing loop sewing machine (thread)

Product Specification

Item No, JYL-B1510G-XS  (Youtube Video)
Sewing Area 120x80mm
Maximum Sewing Speed 2700r.p.m
Sewing Trace Single Needle Flat Seam
Feeding Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive mode)
Intermittent pressure foot  lift 17mm
Hook Shuttle hook
 Presser foot lifting mode Pulse motor drive mode
Motor AC servo motor 750W direct drive
Air pressure 0.5MPa 1.8L/min
Power supply Single-phase 220V
Machine Size 1320×1000×1280MM
Weight 210KG
Machine Applications: Car seats, Aero Seats and Boots, Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Uppers and Footwear, Handbags and Furniture, Car upholstery, Saddles & Luggage, Suitcases & Backpacks Leather Jackets Leisure Wears, Sportswear, Down clothes Warm clothes, Jeans, Sofas, and Attaching Labels. These are widely used in many industries. Machine Characteristics: Max. The stitching speed is 2,700 rpm. High productivity achieved with high sewing speed and feed speed; Large rotating hook; Liquid Crystal touch operation pane; Using the same Mitsubishi control system; Automatic thread trimmer; Versatility of application. Machine Benefits: This is suitable for shoes,bags, and cuffs of t-shirts. It improves productivity by up to 100%-300%. It can be used to make layers of different types of combined model plates. The machine can be used for both sewing and clamping simultaneously. This reduces waiting time and increases efficiency. Automatic positioning and scanning of model plates before starting. Automatic and successive program changes. This machine can be used to sew layers of mixed patterns in the same fabric.


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