Automatic flat sewing electronic lock hole machine

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JYL-1790SS-A Automatic flat sewing electronic lock hole machine

Main Features

1. Horizonta& vertical button holingfunction leaves out the manualbutton holepositioning procedure
2.Auto infrared positioning
3.Digitalangle and position adjustmentofthe lst button hole
4.Digital button hole distance adjusting.
5.Single and double pedalfor options
6.Fast standard button holing machine working mode shifting
7.Bottom thread changing mode.
8.Machineand operation panelmakes opeation easier
9.10 patternsfor options( customerization acceptable)

Product Specification

Voltage  AC220V-240V
Barometricpressure  >0.5MPa
Power  1000W
Maximum speed  2700r.p.m
Length of buttonhole 25mm
Wire clamp Electronic wire clamp
Machineneedle  DP X5(#IIJ)#1J~#14J
Litting capacity of presser foot  14mm (17mm when using the reverserotation needle function)
Numberofstandard patterns  31 patterns
Oil supply mode Only the rotary shuttle requires a small amount of oil supply, and there isnoneed foroil Supplywhen using anon oil supply rotaryshuttle
Packagesize 800mmx600mmx1240mm


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