Automatic high-speed electronic reinforcement sewing machine

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JYL-903S-A Automatic high-speed electronic reinforcement sewing machine


Main Features

1. 1 to 6 buttons for options
2. Buttons distance 20 to 100mm foroptions
3.Anti button displacement
4. Prevent accidental start during bobbin changing.
5.Auto button front&back side recognition
6.Auto button size and thickness adjustment
7.Max Speed 2700RPM
8.Anti bird nest
9.Fast bobbin changing
10. Auto infrared positioning

Product Specification

Voltage AC220v-240V
Barometric pressure >0.5MPa
Power 1000W
Maximum speed 2700r.p.m
Button size  Circular flat buckle
Wire clamp  Surface wire clamp electronic wire clamp
Needle (ex factory) DPx 17
Number of standard patterns  50patterns
Power consumption 250VA
Package size 1100mmx720mmx1274mm


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