Automatic Session Hat Sewing Machine


An automatic hat brim sewing machine,hat making,supper hat stitching machine

Product Parameters

Model No. JYL-PM-01D / JYL-PM-01P
Presser Foot Mode Electronic/Mechanical
Sewing Speed 3000 rpm
Maximum Stitches 20000 stitches/pattern
Stored Programs 1-999 patterns
Machine Size 1200*540*730mm
Applicable Needle  DP*17
Supply Voltage AC 220V single phase
Weight 75KG
Motor  750W Direct Drive Servo Motor
Working range maximum radius R135

Product Description

Most people sew the brim of the hat using a standard uni-needle sewing machine. It is certainly acceptable for this but the main points are: * The cost of a hat is increasing day by day. * The effectiveness of the traditional methods isn’t enough. * It’s extremely difficult to find a person who is can sew caps well particularly this procedure: Sew on the hat’s to the brim.

Based on the reasons above that we have outlined above, we will present to you an automatic Hat Brim Sewing Machine. The sewing machine for bucket hats and fishing hat sewing machine CBGZ-848 is suitable to be used for bucket hats and fishing hats, as well as mountains outdoor Hat ….There are numerous benefits of this machine. It is simple to use. It is able to operate by anyone. 23 hat brim sewing machines. The hat brim that is made by this machine. normal, and gorgeous.


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