Automatic Velcro Tape Sewing Machine


JYL-M3020G-MST Full Automatic Velcro And Webbing Sewing Machine

Product Application

This Computerized Velcro tape sewing machine is widely used for cap/ velcro webbing/ strap/ other similar products, like baseball cap adjusting strap, multicam name tape velcro, marine velcro tape, velcro mounting tape and etc.

Product Description

  • Winding threads in precise quantity by using electronic winding function.
  • Warming alarm functions, machine can shut down automatically when lack of bottom thread, thread breakage,needle breakage.
  • Air pressure alarm (Alarm function activate when air pressure lower than 0.4 pa).
  • Automatic strip drawing and ironing function.
  • Joints and materiel lacking detect automatically.

Product Specification

Machine No. JYL-M3020G-MST
Working Area L80-200mm W:160-220mm
Maximum Sewing Speed 2800 RPM
Maximum No.of Stitehes 20000stitches/pattern
Outer Pressure Foot Penumatic
Medium Presser Height 15mm
External Presser Foot Lifting 30mm
Motor 750W Direct-drive Servo Motor
Applicable Needle DPxl7
Air pressure 05Mpa 1.8L/min
Stored programs 1-999 patterns
Operation Type 7.5″ Led Touch Panel
Supply voltage 220V single phase
Size 155x1220x1600mm
Weight 380KG

Main Features

  1. Automatic detection joint automatic counting Automatic feeding and cutting, automatic cut-off for material breakage.
  2. The length and width of webbing can beset flexibly.
  3. Velcro length and width can be adjusted.
  4. Multiple process can be made automatically and efficiently only need to feed materials. One worker can easily operate multiple machines at the same.
  5. Full automatic machine integrating webbing ironing, automatic length measurement cutting, folding, Velcro cutting&sewing with webbing.

Product Introduction of Velcro tape sewing machine

JYL-M3020G  Automatic Velcro Tape Sewing Machine is an full automatic 3 in one feeding cutting and sewing machine

It adopts a full intelligent control system, motor drive, accurate positioning, high efficiency. It can realize automatic feeding & automatic ironing & automatic folding & automatic sewing & automatic collection and other similar production process. Velcro strap manufacturers can use it to DIY velcro straps in different length, and produce the 18mm velcro watch strap, 22mm velcro strap, 2 inch velcro straps for different product application.

The machine have the function of self detection, automatic detection joint and automatic stop of shortage materials .The size can be adjustable .The point is that the operation is very simple, one person can operate multiple machines. So that it can save strapping machine cost totally, including save time, save labor cost and save money. Specialty makes sewing more efficient.


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