Flat Visor Sewing Machine


JYL-M3020G-SW Double Working Areas Flat Visor Sewing Machine

Product Description

This Automatic Programmable flat visor Sewing Machine is suitable for flat surface sewing on bag,hat,upper cover of shoe,shoe tongue and so on.

Product Specification

Machine No. JYL-M3020G-SW
Working Area  300 mm X 200 mm
Maximum Sewing Speed  2800r.p. m
Maximum No.of Stitches  30000stitches /pattern
Pressing foot height  25-30 mm
Power 3500W
Air pressure 0.6Mpa 1.8L/min
Stored programs 1-999 patterns
Operation Type 7.5’ Lcd Touch Panel
Supply voltage Ac 220v single phase
Size  1800*1240*1400 mm
Net Weight 400KG

Product Features

  • Broken needle and thread can be reduced by the cooling function of the needle.
  • Winding threads in precise quantity by using electronic winding function.
  • Second wire clamping.
  • Machine can shut down automatically when lack of bottom thread,thread breakage,needle breakage.
  • Broken line detection function, automatic alarm after broken line,and then automatic shutdown.
  • Air pressure alarm(Alarm function activate alarm when air pressure lower than 0.4 pa).


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