Shoe Tongue Webbing Machine


JYL-B1510G-XS Shoe tongue webbing loop sewing machine (thread)

High efficient Single Needle Flat Seam Direct Drive Industrial Automatic Sewing Machine For Shoes Weaving Tape

Product Application

This industrial computerized sewing machine is applied for shoes tongue /cloth labels /webbing /weaving tape /other similar products .

Product Features

  1. Easy to operate, no need for skilled operators, reduce labor costs.
  2. Mainly used in the processing of various footwear , it only takes 4 seconds to sew webbing ,significantly improve production efficiency.
  3. Efficient and beautiful stitching improve the quality ,it is the preferred model for the shoe webbing.

Product Description

Item No, JYL-B1510G-XS
Sewing Area 120x80mm
Maximum Sewing Speed 2700r.p.m
Sewing Trace Single Needle Flat Seam
Feeding Intermittent feeding(Pulse motor drive mode)
Intermittent pressure foot  lift 17mm
Hook Shuttle hook
 Presser foot lifting mode Pulse motor drive mode
Motor AC servo motor 750W direct drive
Air pressure 0.5MPa 1.8L/min
Power supply Single-phase 220V
Machine Size 1320×1000×1280MM
Weight 210KG


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