Automatic Eyelet Sewing Machine


JYL-B0506-CF /JYL-B430D-CFXY Eyelet Hole Punching & Sewing Machine

Product Application

This Automatic Computerized Sewing Machine is used for eyelets sewing and bartack for caps/hats  industry, clothing, luggage,  embroidered eyelets, jujube and other similar products.

Product Description

  1. 7.5 inch LCD Touch screen panel ,easy to operate;
  2. Use direct drive servo motor, stable speed and efficiency ;
  3. Single pressure plate control mode; Air pressure alarm {Alarm function activate when air pressure lower than 0.4 pa).
  4. Winding threads in precise quantity by using electronic winding function.
  5. Punching function

Main Features

  • Electronic winding function and automatic punching function.
  • Strong data compatibility reduce input pattern work improve efficiency.
  • Single platen control.


Product Specification

Machine No. JYL-B0506-CF (JYL-M430D-CFXY)
Maximum Sewing Speed 2800r.p. m
Stitch 0.05-12mm
Maximum No.of Stitches  20000stitches /pattern
Work holder method Electri
Motor  750w Direct-drive Servo Motor
 Needle DPx5 12-14#
Supply voltage AC 220V single phase
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min
Stored programs 1-999 patterns
Operation Type 7. Lcd Touch Panel
Size 800x650x1350MM / 1000×600*1350MM
Net Weight 90KG/120KG
Free Product  Introduction

Hello everyone, I am from JYL Machine.
Today I continues to introduce to you a caps eyelet sewing machine with super intelligent and labor saving. It is a full automatic Caps Eyelet Sewing Machine, delicate appearance and multiple functions. This machine is mainly used to sew eyelet for sports caps & shoes & clothes fabric decoration.

It adopts servo motor with precise control. The machine has a winding thread and an automatic paper rolling function, and sew high precision chrysanthemum eyelet program, beautiful stitches .The most important of sewing eyelets is that the operation is very easy, and one worker can know how to operate multiple sets. It can save labor and save time.
The electronic control system can edit the size and density of chrysanthemum eyelet according to the process requirements.
so as to improve manual efficiency and sewing quality.
If you need some more about this industrial automatic machines and know how to make eyelets, welcome to contact us for more details.


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