Electronic Bartacking Sewing Machine


JYL-B430D Electronic bartack machine

Product Application
This bar tacking sewing machine is suitable for bartacking for caps/hats industry, clothing, luggage,  and other similar products.

Products Features

  1. According to the sewing process requirements of high quality sewing.
  2. Low noise,low vibration and a rigid frame.
  3. Widely used in clothing,handbags,shoes and other sewing process.

Product Specification

Item No, JYL-B430D
Sewing Area  40x30mm
Maximum Sewing Speed 3200r.p.m
Sewing Trace Single Needle Flat Seam
Stitches  length  0.1mm-12.7mm
Feeding Intermittent feeding
Needle DP*5 14#
Foot driving method S-pulse motor drive
Pressing foot height Standard 14mm,Maximum 17mm(when Reverse lifting needle)
Maximum Sewing Speed  50000stitches/pattern
Standard pattern number 100 patterns (Extended to store arbitrary graphics)
Thread Tension Device Manual clamp /electromagnetic clamp
Hook Semi-rotating standard hook or semi-rotating double hook
Motor 600W minitype AC Servo motor (direct drive mode)
Rated power 600W
Supply voltage AC 220V±10% 50/60Hz
Application Medium thickness material
Machine Size 1200*670*1270MM
Weight 95KG
Free Product Introduction

Hello everyone, I am from JYL Machine.
Today I continues to introduce to you a bar tacker sewing machine with super intelligent and labor saving. It is a full automatic pattern tacker machine, delicate appearance and multiple functions. This bar tacker sewing machine is mainly used to bar tack stitching for caps & shoes & clothes fabric decoration with bartacker .

1.Overwhelmingly superior productivity with the world’s fastest cycle time. 
2.High quality sewing faithfully following the sewing data of tack stitch sewing machine. 
3.Realization of wide ranging sewing capabilities and low tension sewing.
 4.Follow-up processing unnecessary after thread trimming. 
5.Prevents thread cast-off, bird’s nests,and stains on the thread at the beginning of the sewing operation. 
6.Clean sewing, powerful needle penetration force, adoption of compact flash cards.
7.Low noise and low vibration, because of its low power consumption,it is economical.


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