Buttonhole Sewing Machine


Computerized Straight Eyelet Shirt Buttonhole Sewing Machine with  Auto Ultrasonic Holes Punching Device

Product Application:

This button attaching machine is suitable used for sewing buttonholes with different length specifications by changing gears and cutting knives according to users’ needs. This machine is widely used and is one of the indispensable equipment in the garment factory.


Product Features

01. Buttonhole Opener

02. Button Machine Work for knitted underwear, woolen sweater, sweater and other knitwear knit wear, sweater and other stretchable fabric buttonhole work clothes, women’s coat and other cotton fabric buttonhole.

03. children’s wear with hole.

Benefits of this Buttonhole Maker Machine  :

      Stitch not only beautiful, when he worked in high-speed sewing quality is good, and high production efficiency. The advanced servo motor and control technology, reduce the loss of energy consumption, reduce the production cost. By manipulating the dish can set the height of presser foot. Less power consumption, low noise, low vibration. Pattern sewing: simple operation, good quality, all the parameters can be set through the panel.

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