Automatic Fishing Hat Sewing Machine


JYL-PM-01D & JYL-PM-01P Bucket Hat Sewing Machine

Product Application

This programming Computer  automatic feed cutting and sewing machine are extensively used for brim stitching for hat-making and sewing patterns for the fisherman hats, Irish county hat, Boonie hat and Session hat.

Main Features

  1. 7.5 inch LCD Touch screen panel, Quick, easy and precise pattern editing;
  2. Automatic needle setting function.
  3. Automatic tangent line function.
  4. Thread clamping function.
  5. Broken needle detection function.

Product Parameters

Model No. JYL-PM-01D / JYL-PM-01P
Presser Foot Mode Electronic/Mechanical
Sewing Speed 3000 rpm
Maximum Stitches 20000 stitches/pattern
Stored Programs 1-999 patterns
Machine Size 1200*540*730mm
Applicable Needle  DP*17
Supply Voltage AC 220V single phase
Weight 75KG
Motor  750W Direct Drive Servo Motor
Working range maximum radius R135

Product  Introduction

Most people make a brim for the bucket hat using a standard simple needle. It is definitely not a issue for producers of hats but the issues are that ” the pattern isn’t done sufficient well ” and ” the effectiveness of production in bulk is low.” It’s difficult to locate people who can be skilled at making caps, specifically this step: sew the hat’s the brim using a great patterns. Due to the reasons above we’re planning to make a more effective bucket hat machine that is automatic. It’s an automated brim of the hat stitching machine. JYL-PM-01 Bucket Hat sewing machine as well as Fisherman Hat sewing machine. This machine is ideal to make bucket hats and fishing hats. Irish country hat, session hats, among others. There are numerous advantages to this machine to create a the hat. It is simple to operate using the 7.5 inch touchscreen controller; Automatic setting of the needle for cutting, automatic cutting thread, needle thread clamping and breakage needle detection. breakage needle detection. One person is able to operate 23 Hat brim sewing machines at the same time. The sewing pattern is standard and elegant;

Whatever the thickness of the material is they can achieve the kind of stitching you need to make hats. It uses Japan imported machine heads that can provide stability. The jig is equipped with a side plates and a turntable. They also include a voice broadcast feature that helps users to operate the machine step by step. It’s a great way to free your hands. The hat sewing machine has become well-known in cap factories. where one worker can operate multiple machines, which helps to reduce the cost of labor as well as materials and time.Specialty allows sewing to be more efficient. You are invited to find out more about our cap sewing machines.


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