Adjustable Buckle Fixing Machine

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JYL-M2010-PQ Adjustable Buckle Fixing Machine


Product Description

1. Application: Patterns sewing on sport shoes, leather shoes, bags,other leather products, etc.
2. Automatic sewing.
3. Computer editing patterns.
4. Various tensions of multi-segments adjustment.
5. Quick, easy and precise pattern editing.
6. Broken thread detection.
7. Quick eject clamp device(Optional).
8. Barcode scanner (optional).
9. CE certification.

Model No. JYL-M2010-PQ
Working Area 300mm in Y direction
Sewing Speed 2300rpm
Maximum Stitches 20000 stitches/pattern
Stored programs 1-999 patterns
Machine Size 650*1122*1080mm
Work holder method  Pneumatic
Applicable Needle  DP*17 12-25#
Work holder method  electromagnet
Supply voltage  AC 220V single phase
Weight 140KG
Motor  750W Direct Drive
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa,1.8L/min


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