Velcro Tape Feeding Cutting Welding Machine


JYL-HJ-01 Velcro welding machine


Product Application

This Industrial Automatic Feeding & Cutting Welding Machine is available to used for Caps / Hats Strap and other applications..

Product Features

1)Air pressure alarm {Alarm function activate when air pressure lower than 0.4 pa).
2) Ultrasonic welding function.
3) Automatic detection the joints on strap and cut it off;
4)The machine can automatically feed, cut and receive materials.

Product Specification

Item No. JYL-HJ-01
Working Area  L 180 mm R 180mm (Adjustable)
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min
Supply voltage AC 220V single phase
Aggregate capacity 1200w
Stored programs 1-999patterns
Operation Type 7.5’ Lcd Touch Panel
Size 1300x600x1180mm
Net Weight 180KG

Machine Characteristics

(1) The biggest advantage is high-efficiency, the sewing speed improved at least 50% compare with the traditional velcro tapes sewing. Improve the working-efficiency highly. Reduce the labor cost.
(2) Set the programmer by microcomputer, achieve automatic feeding, automatic cutting, can ensure the velcro tapes cutting accurately.
(3)The equipment gathers machine, electricity, gas in one, low noise, stable, no pollution.


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