Flat Hats Pattern Sewing Machine

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JYL-P4520 Electric Computer Control  industrial Automatic Computerized Flat Caps visor Hats pattern Sewing Machine


Product Description

ApplIcation of sewing machine for hat Industrial hat sewing machine is suitable for sewing various curved surface products, especially for hats,shoes, bags.

Main Features of industrial hat sewing machine

1) Equipped with electronic speed-adjustment motor and freely to adjust the sewing speed according to the thicknessof the materials and threads to make the stitch even and beautiful.

2) Applicable for sewing complete materials and piece materials.

3) 7.5 inch LCD, easy to operate

SPECIFICATIONS FOR Automatic Computerized sewing machine for cap making
JYL- P4520
Brand Name
Needle Type
Dp *17 DP*5
Presser Lifting Height
15 mm
Work holder Lifting Height
Motor Power
750 W
Sewing Speed
2700 rpm (max)
Working Area



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