Full Automatic N95 Mask Making Machine

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JYL-KN95-PO Fully Automatic Newest Meltblown FFP2/FFP3 N95 Face Mask Making Machine

Introduction of Equipment

This machine is use to producing folding mask, from raw material feeding to final mask discharging, all steps complete automatically. And it’s include below functions: constant tension material unwinder, nose wire insertion, body welding, tampo printing, ear-loop welding, breather valve hole cutting, final mask forming and cutting, and waste material collecting, saved lost of labour cost.


Work process

(Non-woven fabric) Feeding → Nose wire feeding and inserting → Ultrasonic mask body welding → Pressure feeding → Tampo Printing for logo → Ear band cutting and welding → valve hole cutting → Pressure feeding →Mask body folding → Pressure feeding → Forming welding →Press feeding→Registration adjustment→Mask body forming and cutting→Waste material collecting→Final Mask discharge out.


Equipment functions

Automatic alarm device. Each machine of material unwinder and the main machine is equipped with alarm light. When a failure occurs, it will flash for the first time and display it on the display.
Automatic failure notification. If the error come out, the detail error information will showed in touch screen.
Error history records. Customer can learn machine main error issue there, and provide a record for equipment maintenance and future equipment improvement.
Raw material detection. When the fabric, ear-loop, nose wire of machine run out, machine will sense out and stop automatically. Meanwhile the alarm system will keep work and the touch sceen pops-up the position of material run out.
Production speed: 100~130 pieces/min.
Meet the requirements of the coil diameter below 800mm.
The lifetime of cutting roll is 1-2 years, and cutter knife is a consumable part, normal lifetime is three months to half a year.
Body machine equipped with 4 layers of material constant tension unwinding system, including mareial feeding motor and material lacking sensor.
The equipment reserve a spare port (which can be connected to MES), for the future program and data management. At the same time, the mask machine provides a docking signal interface. When the back-end connection device is abnormal, the back-end device will give a signal to feedback that the mask machine suspends feeding.
The abnormal removal list and equipment maintenance instructions are posted in the electrical control box of the mask.


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